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Recognizing "National Youth Sports Safety Month"

Pursuant to Philmont's importance placed on creating a safe and friendly atmosphere for all of our players, families, and coaches, we want to recognize April as "National Youth Sports Safety Month". 

Originally created to raise awareness and education on preventing injuries and physical trauma on the field, court, ice, and playground, National Youth Sports Safety Month is valuable for players of all ages and abilities. And members of Philmont's staff are world experts in this field! Our staff includes a person with their strength and conditioning certification, a physical therapist with an orthopedic specialization through residency, and participants in research focused on youth player safety and development.

But just as important as the physical side of safe sports, we believe this month (and all year!) must also recognize the importance of mental health and safety in youth sports. 

Mental health in sports goes beyond creating a safe and fun environment. It includes knowing signs and symptoms to look for, from anxiety to depression to burnout, and how to address them to foster personal and athletic growth. 

In addition to the players we have worked with that have gone on to play at the collegiate level and beyond, we are just as proud of our players that have come to us expressing gratitude for helping them through tough times growing up and gone on to do wonderful things on and off the field. 

To learn more about how Philmont FC is setting the bar (quite literally through our research) for safety in youth sports or to experience it for yourself or your child, please contact us at!


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