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The Badge



The badge is our identity. It represents everything we stand for and serves as a symbol of the club's mission statement. It epitomizes our ethos. As the primary identification of our program, appropriate levels of care and attention were given to the design of it. Every single detail was thoroughly thought out and there is underlying meaning embedded throughout the badge.


To learn more, hover your mouse over any portion of the Philmont FC badge (see below) and learn about the significance and values of Philmont FC! Please note: this feature is currently only available on desktop browsers.

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The colors of PFC honor the very first club of our founders. The badge pays tribute to this history in a sleek, yet modern design that utilizes a classic soccer crest.

The club name recognizes the 2 prominent Philadephia-area counties in which our families live. We are proud to represent our home. 

"FC" is typical for European clubs; a model on which we are based.

Soccer is the foundation of everything we do.

The tree symbolizes the personal growth of our players. While it is rooted in soccer, the many branches represent the physical, psychological, social, and communal growth that we foster as well.

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The cherries represent the fruit of our labor; no it isn't trophies but rather life skills! While they appear random, when rotated, they are in the shape of the constellation of Hercules. Through a great effort and devotion, any goal is achievable, regardless of the challenge. There are also 20 cherries in the tree, which refer to the year of our founding.

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